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What is reconnective healing?

Who is it for?

Session of Reconnective Healing



Removing pain and ill health, and bringing metabolism into balance;
Boosting our vibration to a higher frequency
thus reinforcing the strength of our immune system and improving our energy and joyfulness;
Takes away fear, relieves tension, and adjusts our endocrine system;
Has alleviative and calming effect;
Provides support and encouragement;
Increases our decision-making and problem-solving capacities;
Improves our attention, focus, perceptiveness, and will;
Enhances our ability to love to be loved;
Helps us to understand and to accept others;
Expands the range of our intimacy, openness, and compassion;
Helps us to find reason and purpose in life;
Stimulates us in our personal growth.

Healing can be attained nearly instantaneously, during session, or immediately following a session. A patient can become aware of the healing effect as soon as she gets up from the bed in the healing room. However, the healing process is always individual. First signs of the healing are mostly felt in the following days, weeks or months. Sometimes, person goes through a change without being aware of its occurrence as a result of the reconnective healing, because this process is very gradual, slow and smooth. Put in motion during a session, healing frequencies continue to produce effect long afterwards. Reconnective energy becomes attuned to the circadian rhythm of our organism, thus generating the effect that is best for us at any given moment.

Healing is safe and risk-free, it is comprehensive and its effect is generally much more far-reaching than previously expected. Therefore, healing can occur both suddenly, at once, and rather slowly, by degrees; this always happens in sync with the receptive capacity of the person subject to reconnective frequencies. In reality, the effect of such frequencies never ceases, while the practitioners mostly agree that the optimal healing period can somewhere from a couple of days up to six months. Moreover, the effect of reconnective frequencies may also be felt by our family and friends and the people we see on daily basis. We emanate energy that has effect on others, and thus we are never alone in this healing process. Our lives become enriched by the changes that take place within us. Returning to our self, we bring about a series of opportunities and become more open for favourable outcome to occur. Through self-awareness, reconnective healing restores our good health, and makes us grow as persons. These frequencies have positive effect on all levels.

It is important for you to know that I, as your practitioner, also become healed in the course of sessions with you. I mention this because oftentimes, either during or after sessions, I am asked by kindly clients if this treatment makes me exhausted. Absolutely not! Quite contrary, after each session, I always feel stronger and better on every level. So you need not worry about it. Dr Eric Pearl infers a realm of existence that we share with one another, in which we depend on each other in order to bloom and to thrive, which is why he entitled his book Reconnective Healing: Heal Others, Heal Yourself.

I wish you all to experience this healing and regeneration.