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The healing process will be set initiated even if you don’t know your practitioner in person. It is only in order to make you feel pleasant and at ease immediately before and after the session that you are supposed to choose a therapist that you feel comfortable with, so that you become more open and relaxed, which results in a more effective treatment. And that is what I wish to all of you and therefore I will present myself in a few words.

My father was a Yugoslav diplomat, which is why I was born in 1976, in Paris. I lived in France, which is the country where I got my high-school diploma, Yugoslavia, Ivory Coast, Angola and Switzerland. Since 1994, I have been living and working in Belgrade, Serbia. Apart from Serbian, as my mother tongue, I speak French, English and Spanish. Since 2003, when I graduated in Fine Arts, I have dedicated myself to painting and art pedagogy. In 2015, I became a certified practitioner of reconnective healing.

I am a very spontaneous person, but at the same time I am completely focused in my work. Through many years of professional engagement in pedagogy and creative work both with children and adults, I have developed and matured in my practice. I feel happy whenever I get the change to help, it is simply how I am. I am responsible and sensitive in touch with people from different age groups, professions, milieus, countries and cultures. I am uninhibited and communicative. I readily understand and accept others, which is why my clients say they are very trustful with me.

I feel privileged when I see a new client at the healing room because I know that our encounter is not accidental, aware that we embarked together on this path of healing, which is an act of vital importance. I am grateful when my clients tell me that they feel healed of their illnesses or on the road to recovery. Many of them were rather sceptical before they came to a session, so they feel even more enthusiastic when they experience the first signs of their recovery. It is not necessary to have faith in the power of reconnective frequencies in order to feel their health-giving effect. I believe that we just cannot know everything, nor can we understand all there is about ourselves, as human beings; yet being such as we are, we always remain interconnected, and throughout our lives we share much more than meets the eye. I believe that there are no real intrinsic obstacles between people. I think that health means life, and that everything that is alive seeks to attain harmony and good health. So when a person is being healed, it is her life that is regenerated.

Each reconnective healing session is unique and I utterly respect that sublime moment.

I believe in the power of reconnective healing because it healed me and made me stronger, happier and more aware as a person. Ever since, I have greater understanding and more compassion. After the sessions that I had as a patient, I have become increasingly productive and happier over the years, and the problems with health that I used to have disappeared in just a few months. I have become a reconnective healer because, in the first place, this practice is absolutely safe as a healing method, while the most beautiful thing about this profession is the fact that we trigger the healing process in unison, tailored for you, while learning and developing together.

I will happily answer any questions you may have, looking forward to meeting you. Your inquisitiveness will certainly be gladly received. I want you to get a clearer and better picture of the reconnective healing, and therefore I invite you to come to the healing room for one-hour introductory conversation and a presentation of reconnective frequencies so you can feel their effect yourself. The initial session is free of charge, and after that you don’t have to schedule any further sessions. If you feel that the introductory conversation is unnecessary for you, you can also skip it and schedule the first session straightaway.