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Sessions of Reconnective Healing

    The appointment you schedule is one hour long, while the session itself lasts 30 minutes.

    During the session, there is no physical contact and no devices are used.

    After the session, we spend another 30 minutes to write down your impressions.

    So, a session of reconnective healing lasts one hour or a little bit longer.

    During that time, you are alone with your practitioner. Normally, you share your ailments and problems with your practitioner, however it is not necessary, so you are not obliged to tell her what you suffer from. The session will have the same effect anyhow. However, if you have any questions you wish to ask about reconnective healing, we can spare a few minutes at the beginning to talk it through, after which we proceed to the session.

    Reconnective healing is good for all of us, it has the power to remedy any disorder or disease, both chronic and acute. Children usually react very well to reconnective healing! They open themselves more readily and most of the times they heal faster than adults. Of course, children must be accompanied by at least one parent, in case of direct healing and distant healing alike, and their parents stay with them to witness their reaction. Oftentimes, during session, while a child is being attended, her parent also has a tingling or similar feeling, so they also feel the healing effect of reconnective frequencies.


    During session, you lie on the massage table with your eyes closed, your clothes on and your shoes off. You don’t do anything, you just stay relaxed. Yet evidently you feel the flow of reconnective frequencies. You just open yourself to receive it, and leave all the rest to the practitioner. No one can describe exactly how it feels to be treated at a session because it will definitely be a completely new and unique experience. Sessions are very pleasant and have a relaxing effect.

    The sensations one gets from the frequencies differ for different people, not everyone feels the same, they also may be absent altogether, and they are definitely no proof that the healing is complete. On rare occasions, there are clients who simply don’t feel anything, yet they are healed just like those who have vivid and intense sensations. Most often, they feel pleasant tingling, tickling and energy flow. Clients often get the impression that their body enlarges, they feel reinvigorated, loosen up and totally relax. In addition to this, you will probably have other, rather particular feelings of your own.

    Immediately after that, practitioner writes down all the ideas and thoughts you had during the session. This part is indispensable and it is very important for you. What is written down during sessions stays with your practitioner who never discloses such information with others.

    What goes on during sessions is precisely what you personally need because the proper effect of the frequencies on your body is befitting, fully attuned to its distinctiveness and singularity. That is why it is essential to write down in your own words what you experience and perceive. This is very important so that you can later get the proper picture about your recovery in relation to what went on during sessions, and thus gain new insight about the peculiar way in which your body speaks to you.


    During a session of distant healing the client and the practitioner are not in the same room, oftentimes they are not even in the same town or country. If you never had such an experience, it can seem pretty strange, even questionable. Nevertheless, sessions of distant healing are not uncommon at all.

    Such sessions are very much like regular session when the client and the practitioner are both in the healing room. We agree on the time to start a session while you lie comfortable in your bed. This is really a special experience. It makes it manifest for us to see clearly that in reality we are always together in an energy field when we schedule a term and meet for a session of reconnective frequencies. The experience is easy and effortless, and it naturally suits your personal requirements. As a practitioner, I am skilled to work in this way, so sessions of distant healing require no effort on your part.

    Sessions of distant healing are of vital importance for people who are disabled or for any other reason unable to come to the healing room, as well as for those who are far away, in the same country or abroad. Serbian practitioners offer their service at best price, which is why they often have sessions with clients from other countries.

    Sessions have the same healing effect both when they take place in the healing room and when carried out as distant healing.


    When working in distant healing, my clients usually tell me that they felt the moment when we started the session and the moment we ended it. Out of three sessions that we normally do, I sincerely recommend everyone takes one or two sessions of distant healing. Most clients are then grateful and amazed with this experience, and some even prefer such sessions because they stay comfortable in their home. It is important to make an agreeable atmosphere in which you can peacefully lie in silence for half an hour, without any interruptions, with your eyes closed, until session is completed. The experience of distant healing can sometimes appear even stronger and more distinct, but the effect is always the same like in case of sessions that take place at the healing room.

    Likewise, following a session of distant healing, we write down your ideas and thoughts, so it is vitally important to establish communication immediately after the session, while your feelings are still strong and vivid. All of this is agreed upon in detail in advance, by e-mail, skype or telephone. It is a very simple, but unforgettable experience.


    I kindly ask you to come to the healing room with no strong perfumes or fragrances on you, if possible, in order not to disturb or irritate anyone, including yourself, when experiencing and enjoying a session.