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What is Reconnective Healing?

    Reconnective healing is an alternative healing method which enables self-healing through emotional self-regulation and connection achieved on a deeper level. Reconnective frequencies enable all the parts of our body to be reconnected into a healthy and strong entity, as implied by the word reconnection itself. Reconnective healing is the new modern form of energy healing growing rapidly around the world.

    Reconnective healing enables us all to regain optimal state of balance, both in case that we are suffering from a serious illness or a minor problem with health. In the course of the healing process, we are stimulated by reconnective frequencies that contain Energy, Light, and Information, which have the power to do the healing. These frequencies are tangible and measurable. They can actually be felt during a session. They serve to reconnect, adjust and harmonize our bodies and our inner being. Reconnective healing is not a therapy or a treatment, its focus is not on the symptoms, and it does not serve as a tool for diagnosis. It is much more than that.

    Practice has shown that between one and three sessions of reconnective healing are sufficient to initiate the healing process. During sessions of reconnective healing, which are completely safe, we aim to restore the energy balance on all levels. We feel that we are recovering on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.


    econnective healing is a holistic method which can have pervasive effect on our entire being. This is precisely the meaning of the word healing. English words whole, wholly, wholeness all have the same etymology, based on the Greek word holos, which is also the root for the noun holism and the adjective holistic, denoting an approach based on the belief that the healing is not aimed at the illness as such but rather at the individual person who has lost his/her singular wholeness. Similarly, in Serbian language, the verb to heal, and etymologically related words such as healing, healer, health, all share the same origin.

    Looking only from material point of view, we are an entity composed of cells, tissue and organs, and no part of our body can be considered in isolation, disconnected from the rest of our organism, because all of them gravitate to each other and aim to be interconnected in perfect harmony and unity. As we all know, we can be in good health only when we are integrated as a healthful whole. Holistic methods of healing take as an intrinsic principle that our body, our mind and our spirit are indivisible parts of the whole, making us deeply connected with our surroundings, society and the whole world in which we are living, so we can be in good health only when these three aspects of our being are in a dynamic balance which is essential for our wellbeing.