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Who is it for?

    It is for everyone.

    Primarily for those who are in poor health.

    For people of all ages, adults and children alike, no matter which illness or condition they suffer from. It is for all of us, completely safe for everyone. Children react very well to reconnective frequencies, because their energy flow is open, so they heal quickly.

    There are many people in our country and around the world who have healed thanks to the curative power of reconnective healing sessions: in the first place, those are people who suffered from physical impairments, cancer, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatic diseases, osteoarthritis, chronic pain, allergies, depression, hormonal imbalance, injuries, skin conditions, and many other diseases.

    In my practice, I have had clients who came to my sessions for all sorts of reasons, ranging from minor indispositions to serious illnesses. Most of them come because they suffer from long-lasting ailments and debilitating conditions, which standard Western medicine has no cure for, but some of them also come because they face minor problems such as finding a job or a partner. There are also admirable clients who come to sessions because they are going through a phase when they are feeling lost, hurt or apathetic, out of sync with themselves, yet most often the clients are persons who are experiencing an exhausting crisis which affects their immune system, suffering from strange allergies, chronic insomnia, or other serious disorders. It is not necessary for us to identify the exact cause of our illness or condition, because the practice shows us that even if we cannot pinpoint the cause of a given problem, we can still fix it with the help of reconnective frequencies.

    The healing produces far-reaching and profound effect. Oftentimes, my clients are delighted to describe significant changes that occur in their lives during the healing process, pointing out that important changes come to pass in their family relations, together with improvement or total recovery of formerly ailing or unwell members of their families. They are happy because they managed to find peace within and for themselves, and even happier that they now understand each other better. Sometimes it is children who become calmer and start to achieve better results at school once their parents go to reconnective healing sessions, or else coy and reticent children become livelier and take active part in the world around them. There was a married couple who suffered from insomnia, and even though only one of them went to the reconnective healing both of them fully recovered. There are many more stories like these. So, it is always the particular human being and her life that is being healed.

    I should point out that sometimes, although rarely, it happens that a person fails to respond to the effect of reconnective frequencies immediately or as quickly as we expected, but the fact is that a practitioner simply doesn’t know if a client recovered one or two years after the sessions. The healing process was surely initiated in them. However, as a practitioner, I have responsibility to you, so I must point out that there is no guarantee that every single client will be healed within a given period of time. The fact is that 95% of clients do heal, either completely or to a certain extent, within a period that ranges from one to six months after sessions. In that period they usually get surprised to see first signs of recovery, which eventually exceeds their expectations. Yet the path to recovery may sometimes be longer.

    Through my practice, I have gained greatest confidence in the power of reconnective frequencies. Improvement and recovery cannot be denied. In many cases, clients stop taking drugs, or realize that they don’t need to go to a surgical operation previously thought inevitable. There are prospective clients who come to my healing room after they saw evident change for the better in a person they know who managed to quickly get better and recover after they came to my reconnective sessions. In addition, I occasionally provide sessions for pets (mostly pets of my clients who had already felt the healing power of reconnective frequencies), and I can say, as their owners may confirm, that often only one session is enough to prompt their recovery from an injury or to revitalize them after chronic fatigue. This practice is widespread around the world. Sessions of reconnective healing are provided for domestic animals, horses and pets who are brought to healing rooms. Pets naturally let themselves feel the effect of reconnective frequencies. Their energy level is boosted after each session and, most importantly, all that is done in safe and easy manner. It is always good to see how responsive they are in the healing room. Pets are easily touched by reconnective frequencies, and in their case there can be no placebo effect. There can be no doubt that these frequencies have wholesome and beneficial effect on all living creatures.

    Sessions of reconnective healing can also be helpful for healthy people, such as athletes who can use it to achieve better results because sessions boost their strength and increase their abilities. I am privileged and touched by my sweet and brave clients, young and old, who have trusted in me. They have had confidence in the invisible power of reconnective frequencies, which were thus enabled to get through to them, to heal them and improve their lives. They are happy and feel regenerated, and as they often say, now they see their life divided in two parts, “before and after the reconnection”.

    I am very grateful for each and every healing experience.