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With the help of reconnective healing, my son (5.5 years old) managed to overcome his problem with nocturia. Now he feels he has recovered his internal balance.

M.B., 35 years, Belgrade

After several months of serious problems caused by lumbar pain in the back, I had a chance to have a reconnective healing treatment. I had three sessions over the course of one month. I felt its soothing effect immediately after the first session, and in due time I felt I was getting better physically and emotionally, and my mood also improved, as well as my general health.

I.M., 23 years, Belgrade

When my life crumbled down in every sense, when I could see no way to go on, at that moment, out of the blue, I was given Teodora’s telephone number. I felt hollow, but I wasn’t caught by surprise, so I gave her a call that same evening and asked her to see me as soon as possible. Her openness, empathy and support were the spark that shined on me in the darkness of my despair. Our first encounter was most wonderful. Teodora showed me great love and understanding. I quickly felt I could put my trust in her and have confidence in the healing treatment. I had no expectations, but I felt that reconnection would show me the way. And what Teodora showed me was actually a highway. Now, seven months after the therapy, I am living in a completely new dimension in life. Thanks to reconnection, the hardships after losing the job, being in straitened circumstances, feeling loneliness, grief and sorrow were all quickly gone, things of the past. After the first session, I felt the need to walk with my head up! I felt fantastic, proud and light-hearted. Since then I don’t go around begging anyone, and I feel great self-confidence and aplomb. While we engaged in thought-provoking conversations, Teodora revealed a small secret to me, when she told me: “The extensive healing process has begun. Relax. It is a process of amelioration that cannot be stopped.” And indeed, it has not stopped. Quite contrary, it keeps moving forward, and I am enjoying my new reality. Thanks to Teodora’s approach, her unselfishness and devotion, I am now a warm-hearted mother, daughter and wife, with a bit smile on my face. New doors open before me, and I become more perceptive and insightful. My new Self knows no limits.

Teodora, thank you for the frequencies!!!

Truly and wholeheartedly thankful for everything.

B.J., 40 years, Belgrade

For me, reconnective healing was a truly wonderful experience. I went to three sessions, and each of them was special in its own way. The feeling was amazing. The moment we started I felt a change happening, I was freed of immense amount of tension, discomfort and pressure that piled up inside my chest. Those days I noticed that I regained my self-esteem. Since then I feel composed, I look differently at the things around me, and I live my life to the fullest. Everyone sees that I have changed. I feel much better. I recommend reconnective healing to everyone.

S.P., 33 years, Belgrade

The sessions of reconnective healing with Teodora were a very profound and tactile experience for me, in its essence it was a feeling of serenity and completeness. After that, the healing naturally manifested itself in the normalization of my endocrine system. With all my heart, I wish everyone to go through the reconnective healing.

A.M., 20 years, Belgrade