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Energy, Light and Information

    All living creatures are made up of energy, light and information. These elements make the very essence of our being, and they are constantly changing, exchanging and adjusting themselves in the course of our lives. Reconnective frequencies are the high-range frequencies of energy, light, and information, which harmonize and balance all life systems. Getting in touch with them, we all become balanced again on all levels, physical and spiritual. Thanks to the effect of reconnective frequencies, our entire being reaches the optimum of good health. What is the way in which the reconnective frequencies produce their effect during sessions of reconnective healing?


    Reconnective healing raises the entire energy vibration within us and thus frees our body and organism from everything that is superficial.

    High frequency energy vibration enables smooth flow of energy between each and every part of our organism, which also means faster and better reactions, firm resolution, strength, happiness and excellent interconnection of our entire being.

    It is well-known that different emotions and sentiments have different vibrations. The energy that we get when we feel love, gratitude, goodness, unselfishness, and similar emotions, is made up of high frequency wave lengths which have the power to heal us, whereas feelings such as vanity, rage, fear, sadness and contempt give out low frequency wave lengths that generate energy detrimental to our health. For instance, it has been scientifically confirmed that harmful bacteria can exist and grow only in bodies that emit low frequency wave lengths, whereas energy consisting of high frequency wave lengths destroys them.

    Once we raise our energy vibration to a higher frequency, it will continue to radiate, while we become happy and regain our good health once again.


    During sessions of reconnective healing, we get in touch with a more ample and coherent light spectrum.

    It has been scientifically corroborated that each cell in our body emits more than 100,000 light impulses called photons per second. Such light radiation, emitted by people and all the living creatures alike, consists of particles called biophotons.

    Biophotons are essentially a conduction mechanism embedded in all biochemical reactions. Preferably, the light emitted by the organs of our body should not be too strong or too weak. This radiation was captured on Kirlian photographs made way back in 1976, which prove that we exhibit luminescence and effect the luminosity of others around us, although it is not a light visible by naked eye. New, ground-breaking way of capturing photographs of living organisms was later also achieved by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov who devised his GDV camera. These photographs reveal radiance invisible to the naked eye, and they were used to make visible the changes in the emanations made by our bodies before and after the sessions of reconnective healing. Since then to the present day, the technique of taking photographs of the luminescence has made great progress, so now we have 3D imaging and digital photographs, and we have better understanding of the phenomenon once known as aura, which used to be thought mysterious.

    We are light. We are multidimensional beings with infinite possibilities for healing, interrelation and connection within the structure of the universe that we are all part of. Adjustment and harmonization of our radiance is a natural process in itself. When frequencies in reconnective healing are in harmony with our energy body, we radiate and vibrate in higher levels of the light spectrum, becoming more resilient, vigorous and more healthy.


    During sessions of reconnective healing, there is a rapid and extensive exchange of information within the infinite quantum field that we are all part of on subatomic level. We are at the same time receivers and transmitters of information which emanate from that omnipresent field. Likewise, the cells within our body communicate in the same way. During sessions of reconnective healing, the body receives and activates precisely such information that serve to regulate the whole system as such, that is, precisely the information that any particular body needs in order to heal and advance.

    Higher intelligence within our bodies is harmonized with this field, prompting our cells to heal in the way that is suitable only for us. There can be no mistakes in that respect.

    Usually, we feel this information flow as a set of personal impressions perceived during session, but even if we fail to perceive them, such information still have their effect on a deeper level, and their purpose becomes manifest later on during recovery period, in the following weeks or months.

    No matter whether we perceive them consciously or half-consciously, such information set off deep and long-lasting changes within ourselves that impact on our health and our whole life marking our personal growth. Everything in our life becomes clearer and easier because we gain more awareness and determination.