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Science os Reconnective Healing

    New scientific findings have brought a significant change to our understanding of health and healing.

    Reconnective healing has been scientifically confirmed in many academic studies carried out at renowned Universities such as Harvard, Yale, and Stanford, as well as the Russian Federal Scientific Research Institute.

    There has been extensive research on reconnective healing and the effect that energy, light and information have on human beings, carried out by teams of distinguished experts and scientists. Some of these teams were led by renowned scholars such as William Tiller, professor emeritus at Stanford University, author of more than 250 scientific papers, Gary Schwartz, PhD, professor at the University of Arizona and the Director of its Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health, and Konstantin Korotkov, professor at the Saint-Petersburg Federal University and Deputy Director of the Saint-Petersburg Federal Research Institute of Physical Culture.

    Findings from these investigations were published by Konstantin Korotkov in his book Science Is Confirming Reconnective Healing. This book has now attracted attention of distinguished scientists and the academic world. Numerous studies have shown that when we are engaged in reconnective healing, our energy field emanates and vibrates in higher levels of the light spectrum. Professor William Tiller of Stanford University affirms that reconnective frequencies create stability and coherence, optimize our health, and bring balance and harmony to our lives. You can learn more about these studies if you go to website:

    You can also find out more about ground-breaking scientific theories and experiments in quantum mechanics in books The Field and The Intention Experiment, written by Lynne McTaggart. Her book The Field has been widely praised, and here is just one of the reviews: “This book will help us understand the human aura, human memory, the power of healing, human spirit, and many other fascinating aspects of the entity called human being. Lynne McTaggart has done us a great favour with her extensive report on this amazing topic.” – Journal of Energy Medicine.

    If you want to promptly go deeper into this topic, you can watch some of the lectures and documentary programs about the quantum field theory which are available on the internet, and thus become conversant with the quantum theory perspective on healing.

    However, most important of all is to know that there is no need for any kind of research or groundwork for your organism to feel the power of reconnective healing. You can remain totally oblivious of the quantum field theory and the reconnection, and still the reconnective frequencies will have the same healing effect on you. Above reading recommendations are given just for those who are curious by nature or feel intrigued to know more about it, like I did.