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What Reconnective Healing is not?


    Reconnective healing is not a therapy nor a medical treatment.

    Reconnective healing is not a method for diagnosis or psychoanalysis.

    Reconnective healing cannot err, which makes it completely safe for everyone.

    Reconnective healing is not specialized for any particular illnesses, but rather heals the whole human being of any kind of crisis, disease or poor health they might suffer.

    Reconnective healing cannot be focused on only one health problem, so it is not required for your practitioner to know what are your problems or ailments.

    Reconnective healing is not limited by spatial confines, so you don’t have to travel somewhere to a healing room in order to be properly healed.

    Reconnective healing knows no contraindications or any restrictions with regard to the healing of any minor or major, acute or chronic illnesses, or any congenital disorders.

    Reconnective healing does not require you to alter or reduce any medication or therapy that you are on.

    Reconnective healing does not require you to have any kind of previous preparation or knowledge.

    Reconnective healing does not require you to believe in it, so those who are sceptical about alternative therapies can be healed just like those naturally interested for such an approach.

    Reconnective healing is not a religion or a philosophy, and your personal convictions and beliefs cannot impact the effect of the reconnective frequencies.

    Reconnective healing is not a technique for those who have special gifts, and the sessions are not repeated endlessly.

    Reconnective healing cannot be objectively compared with other techniques in alternative medicine because it transcends the notion of technique itself.

    Reconnective healing is not only a new ground-breaking method in energy therapy, it also endows each and every person with their inherent healing power and enables them to improve their lives in general.