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Athletes and Reconnective Healing

    Athletes are usually thought of as the epitome of good health.

    It is a fact that due to many years of great efforts in modern sports, athletes are under immense pressure physically, psychologically and emotionally. Athletes suffer because they sustain many injuries and, during years of exhausting training and competition, they repeatedly put additional pressure on already weakened parts of their body, so it is quite common for them to experience an extreme drop in their energy level. This can have seriously harmful consequences to their health.

    Reconnective healing has provided effective and useful help to athletes because it takes a holistic view of the body, prompting a series of changes in the organism, applying the most favourable sequence of curative means for each person individually. Following long and very painful medical treatments which oftentimes result unsuccessful, surgical operation is presented to athletes as the only solution, but I strongly recommend to all of them to initiate their own healing process before going under the knife. This is something I strongly recommend to all my clients. Reconnective healing is completely safe and painless. In case that operation proves to be unavoidable, the healing process initiated by our sessions will only be helpful to achieve better postoperative outcome and easier and faster recovery.

    When your body reaches high frequency during a session, it manages to overcome any traumas, inflammations, injuries, strains or shocks by itself. As soon as the vibration of the energy is raised and its flow improves, the body starts to heal quickly and for the most part painlessly. Client does not have any risk at any moment during this process, while its outcome might be complete and pretty quick recovery, so the result can be much better than what he hoped for.

    The frequencies activated in reconnective healing always aim at actualizing our potential, so even the athletes who are in excellent shape get new strength and stamina, and hence achieve better results. As regarding your potential, you don’t need to be injured or ill in order to make use of sessions of reconnective healing to improve your willpower, endurance, composure, mental and physical strength, concentration, coordination, and other valuable skills.

    Athletes must be extremely dedicated and that really is commendable. I am pleased to see that a growing number of athletes who come to my sessions are having more awareness about their energy body. Athletes can learn a lot during trainings if they listen to their body. They know how it feels when life energy is activated and how their body works when it is radiant with energy. For this reason, while also recurring to other forms of alternative medicine, athletes increasingly turn to reconnective healing. I am thankful to all my clients from the world of sports who have, in their own way, shown to others that there is a way to heal and improve in their lives.