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We are vibrating bodies

    We are vibrating energy. This energy is our body, it is our very essence. Everything is energy. Everything around us. Therefore, there is nothing static in this world, not even solid things (although they appear solid and immovable from the perspective of our senses and what we have been taught so far). In a way, everything in this world is alive, in permanent flow and in constant change. Everything is interconnected, in relation, and there is no such thing as empty space. It has been scientifically corroborated that on subatomic level everything is in constant flow, emitting energy by means of its own special frequency. Hence, everything vibrates in its own pulse and rhythm.

    All is one and unique at the same time. We are living, hence vibrating bodies.

    Our bodies emit different vibrations depending on whether we are ill or healthy. This is perfectly measurable, and there is plenty of evidence confirming what all of us already know from our own experience. As scientifically corroborated, it is a fact that healthy bodies vibrate on frequencies higher than those emitted by bodies that are sick or emotionally distressed. It surely comes as no surprise, and this insight is very important for the advancement of medicine and further improvement of health care system. When struck by fear, grief, and sickness, our bodies emit extremely low, heavy vibrations, whereas when we are happy and healthy our bodies emit high and pleasant vibrations. Reconnective healing takes us back to our natural state of vibration and thus puts an end to imbalance and illness which is the condition resulting from such imbalance. During sessions, our bodies summon up and become aware of their true, authentic vibration. We heal through harmony and unity. In order to recover, that is, to overcome an unpleasant condition or a difficult period in life, we need to raise the level of vibration of our body and our entire self to reach a state of balance anew. Our body itself tends to be healed. It heals its wounds by itself. It overcomes various states of ill health. The body knows what it needs. Using its inherent will and intelligence, it naturally interrelates with reconnective frequencies and is readily subjected to their effect, accepting to be helped by them.

    With the help of reconnective healing, we can easily adjust our frequency and in that way initiate the natural process of harmonization of all the cells within our body. Reconnective healing is carried out by optimizing its effect for us, applied at a pace and in a sequence that is most appropriate and suitable for our body.

    We can tune in again to the high frequency that was our natural mode of experience. The state of good health and happiness that we can regain is similar to the high spirits and elation that we felt in early childhood. Some people describe their personal road to recovery as a journey back to their home somewhere within them. Others describe it as a feeling of absolute serenity and tranquillity, youthful vigour, self-confidence and fortitude. There are also those who were healthy and strong for the first time in their life, feeling joyful and fulfilled with the help of reconnective frequencies. Even people who have serious health problems or congenital disorders should not give up the hope of healing, and it is not necessary to quit any prescribed medication for the sessions of reconnective healing to be effective.

    We are always safe within the range of vibration exchange during sessions of reconnective healing.

    This is a process in which there are no risks or errors.

    We can all start vibrating anew feeling happy and healthy.